Practice Areas

Stephanie Bradley Fryer PLLC is no longer accepting new clients or available to assist clients at this time.

Estate Planning

Stephanie Bradley Fryer PLLC provides estate planning services including wills, durable power of attorneys, medical power of attorneys, advanced medical directives, trusts, life estates, and business entities used as estate planning tools.

Stephanie’s unique understanding of agricultural assets makes her a premier choice to provide estate planning services for agricultural producers. In addition, as a landowner herself, she understands specific concerns and needs for other landowners during the estate planning process. 

Stephanie’s skills are not limited to providing estate planning services to farmers, ranchers, and landowners. She is equipped to provide this assistance to a wide variety of clients across the state.

Estate Administration

At Stephanie Bradley Fryer PLLC, we understand the many difficulties of losing a loved one and strive to assist clients through the process of transferring property owned by someone who has recently passed away to their beneficiaries or heirs. Stephanie is available to provide estate administration services across Texas for clients, but is particularly effective when estate assets include real property and agricultural interests. 

Estate administration services include probate and probate alternatives including muniment of title and affidavit of heirship. 

Agricultural Contracts and Leases

Because of Stephanie’s background and experience in agriculture, she can effectively assist clients with a variety of agricultural contracts, including cash and share rent leases for both grazing and row crop production.

In addition, as a former County Executive Director with the Farm Service Agency, Stephanie can assist agricultural producers and landowners with farm program eligibility and sign up alone, or in combination with other services such as estate planning, business entity formation, and estate administration.

Real Estate

Stephanie is a landowner herself and understands the needs of those who own or are in the process of purchasing their own piece of Texas. Real estate services at Stephanie Bradley Fryer PLLC include drafting required legal documents for residential and commercial real estate sales transactions including, but not limited to, General Warranty Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds, and Life Estate Deeds. In addition, Stephanie can draft farm and hunting leases, liability releases for landowners, and easements, as well as review oil and gas leases and other energy leases such as wind leases and solar leases.

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